Top 5 places to visit in China


If the “Paris of the East” was culturally and economically radiated on Asia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the vicissitudes of history – including the rise of China – have dropped a time in a oblivion … until it rises from its ashes like a phoenix and metamorphosis in dazzling metropolis, dynamic and ultra-modern metropolis.

The great wall

To protect the Middle Kingdom from barbarian invasions coming from the north, Qing Shin decided in 220 BC, to build a wall between Shanhaiguan on the Bohai Sea, and the Gobi Desert. This massive undertaking of more than 5 000 km represents the most gigantic work of military engineering ever made.


The vast rice plains crossed by the tranquil Lijiang River is flanked by karst peaks where dens and caves are adorned with sculptural limestone concretions. In this timeless setting, again represented by classical painters, fishermen cormorant and peasants going about their business, careless tourists cruise.

The Silk Road

Open in the 1st century BC by Zhang Qian, an emissary of Emperor Wu Di responsible for forging new alliances with Western nations, this mythical road, evocative of silky richness and intoxicating scents, crosses between Xi’an and Xinjiang, landscapes of extraordinary contrasts: magnificent gorges of Wei, desolate Gobi desert, eternal snows of the Tian Shan.


Wishing to continue his reign in the spirit realm, Emperor Qin Shi had ordered to make the terracotta army that consists of over 8000 immortal warriors.

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